Bristol Immigration Detention Campaign is a union of local organisations and individuals, committed to working together to change the national policy of indefinite immigration detention.

Currently, the United Kingdom is the only country in Europe which carries out the indefinite detention of asylum seekers and immigrants, a system that places an unfair burden on both the mental and physical welfare of those detained. Worryingly the number of those detained as of March 2015 is at a five year high, with 3483 people being held in detention; a shocking 153 of them had been in detention for more than a year. One of those interviewed by the Inquiry in the Use of Immigration Detention in the United Kingdom told that “the lack of time limit is the worst part of it as you don’t know when you will get out. You can’t say to yourself tomorrow I’ll be ok. Tomorrow you will be locked in, or flown back to the country where you are afraid for your life.”

Work with Bristol Immigration Detention Campaign, and help us end this unfair practice which lacks both common sense and human decency. We are working on a newsletter to keep supporters up to date; in the meantime please check our news and events tabs for up-to-date information about the campaign.