Call for Action against The Verne IRC – 7th May 2016!

Bristol Close the Verne Campaign

Saturday 7th May marks the National Day of Action Against Detention
Centres across the UK. Come demonstrate at one of the UKs most isolated
detention centres, The Verne, on the Isle of Portland in Dorset.
Previously a prison, The Verne was reclassified as an Immigration
Removal Centre (IRC) in September 2014, however it remains under the
jurisdiction of Her Majesty’s Prison Service. Aside from the its
isolated location, which prevents many detainees from receiving visits,
an HM Inspectorate of Prisons report in March 2015 reported high
levels of violence within The Verne as well as considerable difficulty
for detainees in obtaining legal representation. The inspectors found
that just 30 minutes of free legal advice was available and many
detainees “struggled to obtain representation to fight their cases”. The
report also highlighted “excessive stays”, finding that 40 of The
Verne’s 580 inmates had been in detention for over a year and one had
been held for over five years.

This barbaric treatment of people seeking to remain in the UK must stop.
Join us in support of those detained, and to call for an end to

6.30 pm to 8.30 pm Wednesday 27th April at Easton Community Centre find
out more information and plan for the demonstration.

7th May 2016- 12.45 pm- 1.45 pm outside the Verne (bring things to make
noise) 2.15 pm in the town.

For details of TRANSPORT TO THE VERNE on the main day, keep an eye on
our WordPress, or contact

For more information about the Close the Verne Campaign see



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